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India's largest manufacturer and exporter of Water Pumps.

Who we are?

In a state of ever-growing and rapidly evolving market of EPC [Engineering, Procurement & Construction] solutions, recognizing the need of a company that can offer high quality and take the lead on the State Level market, a group of highly qualified entrepreneurs and market leaders founded the "Bharat Traders & Suppliers “company.

In 2005 the company established its office in Lucknow and started its activities with the sale of Solar Energy solutions, Computer equipments and telecommunication services in Lucknow. Bharat Traders & Suppliers was precisely founded with such a vision, by experienced people from the solar industry. Unlike other manufacturers of Solar Energy solutions who have a narrow outlook that is aimed at going where the market goes, at Bharat Traders & Suppliers Solar, we believe in creating new needs and innovative solutions that will change the perspective of customers, and create new market segments in this process. We believe this is what will sustain the long-term interest in renewable energy. To enable this, Bharat Traders & Suppliers Solar has invested significantly in R&D, Market Research and Manufacturing facilities, and these are backed by adequate capital, an experienced Management team, and a vast product line. Our efforts have paid off, and these can be seen in the ratio of our rapid growth & competitive advantages in the market alongside receiving excellent feedbacks from our high end clients of the market.

Power Solar Systems

Power Solar proposed a Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system, which would generate the required solar energy to power their office and also cut-off direct sun light from hitting the building, thus keeping it cool during summers.

The structures were fitted at the time of building construction, with support from design consultants to ensure the aesthetic design requirements.


Solutions for Business

While reducing costs happens to be the prime directive for businesses, sustainability is surely becoming a social as well as non-negotiable government mandate.

How can a business entity meet the ever-increasing energy needs and manage it efficiently? Solar energy gives businesses access to round-the-clock access to electricity, helping them in their growth.

We Provide Energy


As the world's largest green and clean egerngy specialist of the printing and typesetting industry.


As the world's largest green and clean egerngy specialist of the printing and typesetting industry.


As the world's largest green and clean egerngy specialist of the printing and typesetting industry.


improve your lifestyle

Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy generate free electricity by converting sunlight into electricity or transferring the sun's heat to heating and ventilation systems.

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Solar energy is a great alternative for anyone who values independence and efficiency. Start using flexible, lightweight solar now.


Solar streetlight is a stand-alone solar system consisting of a pole, battery bank, photovoltaic module and LED or CFL luminaires. The use of solar power coupled with energy-efficient luminaires make this doubly environment friendly.

Our Client

We chose Solar Solutions For All to install our residential solar system because they were recommended by other satisfied customers and they were a local business.